No One Ever Expects The Meringue Inquisition

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Allow myself to introduce… myself.

Florentine and Vanilla, the first.

I don’t think I will ever get over how different she looks like in this life. 

Everyone has their origins somewhere.

The fifth Vanilla would do anything for her chance to love and be loved, including being banished to a far away colorful land. The third and most beloved Vanilla united her country in order to save the one she loved. But the first…. that Vanilla tore it apart and started an age old war. 

It took nearly a lifetime, but we finally found our way.

Look who snuck his way into my game~♥

Rebagels all the Glumrose :D 

Back from camping and whoa the Mosquitos where out in full force. Even with all of our anti mosquito repellents and sprays we still got bite up :/

We used these neat pine cone things that made our campfire turn different colors. Though its a shame my camera takes crappy pics and you can only see a little bit of the other colors in the campfire. It was all green, blue, purpley, orange and yellow our technicolor campfire.

Have you ever had a dream where you don’t remember how exactly it begun but you got the feeling that you had just missed something important? I don’t know how the dream started or if it had been going along this whole time. I found myself in the middle of a conversation with Sanguinello as we sat on the roof of what appeared to be his Aunt’s house like we had so many years ago. It was night time and the stars were bright. The skyline of the city was full in charm and allure just looking at it made you feel like you had a chance to make it. But what lay hidden underneath all those lights was the dark underbelly where broken dreams and hope fell from the lights like shooting stars from the sky. It was there I knew my existence was. No longer one of the ones full of hope, that time had passed me by what felt like ages ago. And now like some sick parasite it was on to another unsuspecting youth with the stars in their eyes that I had lost from the grim taste of reality. This was all just a dream, one bitter dream. But for me the moment it really started was when he casually just turned his head to me and said “I’m not the one.”

Chapter 16

Just need to take a few more pictures then I’ll hopefully be able to post an update tomorrow.

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